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What happened? Why did it happen?


 Machineboosting can help you evaluate recent and historical data through dashboards, graphs, statistics, trend models, data visualization, and drill-downs to give valuable insights into the past. However, these findings simply signal that something is wrong or right, without explaining why. Thanks to diagnostic analytics, there is a possibility to drill down, to find out dependencies and to identify patterns. 




What will happen? 


Predictive analytics tells us what is likely to happen. It uses the findings of descriptive and diagnostic analytics to detect tendencies, clusters and exceptions, and to predict future trends, which makes it a valuable tool for forecasting. 






How can we make it happen?


The purpose of prescriptive analytics is to literally prescribe what action to take to eliminate a future problem or take full advantage of a promising trend. This state-of-the-art type of data analytics uses sophisticated tools and technologies, like machine learning, business rules and algorithms, which makes it sophisticated to implement and manage.




We work together with clients to build analytics-driven solutions that drive smarter, faster decisions and real results. 


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